Dr. Brown’s 15cc First Feeder w-Ultra Preemie Nipple

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⭐ Suited for babies
⭐ Reliable delivery system
⭐ Accurate fluid measurement
⭐ BPA free

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Best suited for babies who can latch onto a regular human baby bottle style nipple

This bottle system provides newborns with the benefits of the smallest feeding volume in a reliable fluid delivery system

The First Feeder has easily identifiable graduated markings from 1 cc to 15 ccs

Providing the most accurate fluid measurement of colostrum, mothers milk, and/or formula

Additional Information:

Each Dr. Brown’s® First Feeder includes a 15 cc BPA-free bottle vessel and an Ultra Preemie Flow® (purple collar/cap) nipple

Each First Feeder is fully assembled and individually wrapped

Provides newborns with the earliest opportunity to orally feed safely and efficiently from a Dr. Brown’s® soft, supple silicone nipple

Provides the most reliable and consistent flow rate to support positive early oral feeding experiences

Please Note:

These nipples are human baby bottle nipples that we label as “large nipple” if your animal cannot latch onto a regular baby bottle nipple they will not be able to nurse from these and you will need to choose a smaller nipple such as the Small Miracle Puppy nipple or the even smaller mini or original Miracle nipple.