MoLucky Baby Nasal Aspirator with 24 Filters
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MoLucky Baby Nasal Aspirator with 24 Filters

OMR 8.00

⭐ 24 Filters
⭐ Snot Sucker Infant Premium Mucus Aspirator
⭐ Mouth Suction Nasal Congestion Relief for Toddlers
⭐ Fast and Safe

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Molucky Baby Nasal Aspirator is invented and Recommend by the Doctor. It is can help Parents to help cleaning their baby’s boogers easily.


Plastic material with One-piece design created a seal with outside of the baby?s nostril for seamless, comfortable snot-sucking.

Naturally and comfortable: Cleans baby nose naturally, without causing any extra discomfort, perfect for newborns up to toddlers

How to use it?

First,Disposable filter should be Inserted to prevent mucus transfer. Second,Place tip of the large tube in front of the baby’s nostril (not inside), creating a seal. The Last,Use red mouthpiece to suck out snot.

How to clean?

(1) Throw away the used filter.
(2) Wash the large tube with soap and water (top-rack dishwasher safe)
(3) Clean the hose with soapy water.
(4) Build up the dry pieces together.

Inserting a new filter for next use Warm Tips

1.Spraying saline solution in each nostril will help loosen thick mucus before using Molucky nasal aspirator.

2.Move the large tube in a circular motion against nostril-you will hear and see mucus.

3.Change filter after each use to maintain suction.

Safety Notes:

a.Tip of the large tube doesn’t go inside the nose, so baby will not get injured if he/she moves.
b.Only use Molucky snot sucker for nasal aspiration-don’t use in ears or throat. c.DO NOT BLOW air into red mouthpiece while the large tube is placed at child’s nostril.
d.It is NOT a toy-keep all parts away from children. Never attach it to a machine


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