NUK Seal ‘n Go Breast Milk Bags, 25 Storage Bags, 6 oz (180 ml)

OMR 4.50

⭐ Simply Natural
⭐ Double Zipper
⭐ Flexible and strong bag
⭐ Suitable for storage and freezing
⭐ Bisphenol A free
⭐ Breastfeeding Support System
⭐ 100% Leak Prevention Guarantee
⭐ Extra wide zipper closure
⭐ Freeze Safe
⭐ Extra Protection – Reinforced Layers
⭐ Pre-sterilized sachet – safe and ready to use
⭐ Easy to store

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Instructions for use: Breast milk sachets are pre-sterilized. Do not wash it before use. To save breast milk: Put the date on the bag before filling it. Open the “zip”, put breast milk inside the bag, re-seal for storage, dry the outside before freezing.

For use with NUK® or any other bottles: If frozen, thaw in the refrigerator or in a bowl of warm water. When melted, the zippers are opened and the content is poured into a reusable bottle. Get rid of the cyst. To heat, place the bottle under hot running water or in a bowl of hot water, and keep it warm to the appropriate feeding temperature.

Note: Efficacy guaranteed with normal use.

Caution: Do not place in microwave. Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding the baby