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UpSpring Stomach Settle Lemon Ginger Honey Drops 28 Individually Wrapped

OMR 6.30

⭐ Relieve occasional nausea
⭐ Relieve motion sickness, gas and bloating
⭐ Relieve morning sickness
⭐ Micronized ingredients
⭐ Help with quick absorption
⭐ For ages 14+

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Stomach Settle Drops are formulated with the top natural remedies to soothe an stomach upset. * In addition to its great flavor, ginger has been used for centuries as a stomach remedy for nausea and overall digestive upset.* Spearmint is known to soothe an stomach upset while lemon helps cleanses the body and serves as a digestive aide. Vitamin B6 helps relieve the symptoms of nausea. (Talk about teamwork!) The ingredients are micronized for maximum bioavailability. Micronization is just a fancy word for reduced particle size, meaning the active ingredients in Stomach Settle are more easily absorbed to deliver the fastest relief possible.


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